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Care for Orphaned Children Living with HIV/AIDS

Welcome to Rweteera Village!

We Care for Orphaned Children Living with HIV/AIDS in UgandaOur community project "Rweteera Village" is working to improve the Lives, Education and Health of our children and community (especially HIV/AIDS victims) with the help and expertise of volunteers from developed countries.

Rweteera Village Community Volunteer Project is located at Kibale forest in Uganda which offers a safe, happy, inexpensive and reliable volunteering experience to any kind hearted English speaking person who wants to come and help us!   

Why Rweteera Village decided to support children with HIV/AIDS

I think you may agree that there are surprising moments in all our lives that precipitate some change or propel us in a new direction. I want to tell you about such a moment that has opened our hearts to helping children we never considering helping before.
In 2016 Rweteera Safari Park, a community project lost a staff called Sebondo. He was a very hard working man making crafts for the lodge and giving skills to the youth. Upon his death, his kids were left fatherless and no one bothered to help. We decided to start Rweteera Village that would help support orphans and children living with HIV/AIDS around Rweteera Village and Kibale forest in Uganda.
We began to seek out orphanages for children with AIDS. They are exposed to numerous diseases and have a damaged immune system that ensures they will die unless they get the medication and nutritious food they desperately need. After reading this I felt World?s Children had to do what it could to help at least a few of those 30,000 children.
Today Rweteera Village supports four homes for children orphaned or affected by HIV/AIDS.

Sponsor a Child: Open worlds they've never known

Change the world and life of a vulnerable child  orphaned by HIV/AIDS in Uganda today by getting involved with Rweteera Village. Give the gift of sponsorship or a one time donation and #giveback to an amazing organization and the children behind it. 

Contact Rweteera Village (through to find out more about coming to help us develop our poor rural school and Community near Fort Portal in Uganda so that the lives of our children are improved both now and in the future. Teaching is not the only option. We can use whatever skills you have. Your time will be well spent with us whether you are a teacher, carpenter, builder, health worker, electrician, administrator, plumber - or just love sports! We are also now able to offer you the opportunity to work with members of the adult community.
Telephone/Whatsapp: +256776862153 - if you prefer to talk to us directly rather than email.