Chimps & Crater Lakes Experience in Uganda


Explore three crater lakes during enjoyable circular walk, hike 150m from bottom of the crater to the top with stunning views of Kibale national park. Learn about Crater Lake formation while viewing birds, hippo, and trees, monkeys (red tailed, black & white colobus), tea estate, and cold spring.




It's only a 15-minute drive to the starting point of chimp-tracking and other activities in Kibale Forest. Chimpanzee tracking excursions last for 2 to 3 hours and start from Kanyanchu at 08:00 and 15:00 daily. We guarantee chimpanzee permits availability.



As a homestay guest, you participate in the activities of the host family and they become your guide during your stay. They will accompany you in your explorations and treat you as if you lived in the village and were not a guest. Guests are also provided meals "local style," meaning meals that the everyday villager eats. Activities are; village walk, canoeing, listening to traditional stories from village elders, watching how food is prepared under hot stones, weaving,milking, harvesting, games with village children, forest/nature walking and if you are lucky attend a local wedding ceremony! Guests are hosted in homesteads where they are exposed to local cultures through hospitality and partaking in day-to-day household and community activities. The visiting guest pays the host family. The family keeps 80% and the balance goes to a community fund that supports community projects.

Tree planting by visitors


Plant a tree for Africa---and invest in Earth's future


To date over 200 indigenous trees have been planted. As a result Rweteera Safari Park is slowly returning to its natural state - but much more work needs to be done, and we need your help. If you'd like to ‘Plant a tree for Africa', simply ask for details at our reception.


Due to the high precipitation, complex landform and undulating valleys, as well as continual human disturbance (fire, grazing, charcoal production and cultivation) and poor land management, Rweteera Safari Park area has been subjected to severe degradation of the vegetation and soil erosion. The project contributes to climate change mitigation through planting of indigenous tree species and assisted natural regeneration activities.


Tree planting activity at Rweteera Safari Park in conjuction with the local community helps to realize multiple socio-economic and environmental benefits climate change mitigation, biodiversity conservation, local community development and soil erosion control.


Replacing the trees by the original vegetation increases the biodiversity in the area. Restoring the trees will improve the quality of water in the surrounding areas. It will also restore the habitat of the Chimpanzee and other primates that are seen around Rweteera Safari Park.


The tree planting activity creates employment opportunities to local communities from planting, weeding and tending, etc. Currently almost 20 people are involved in the activity. Besides, the activity will enhance the community bond and elevate the status of women by ensuring their participation in the tree planting activities.

Hippo seeing

Take a walk around the crater lakes in search for the hippo. With a little luck you will see an open-mouthed hippo and capture it on your camera.

End your vacation to crater lakes with a visit to a tea estate. Learn how tea is grown and processed. Enjoy circular walk around Lake Nyabikere crater, learn how tea is grown and processed at nearby tea estate and end your walk to the visit of the cold spring. Unlike the hot springs, cold spring produces cold water gestures with a variety of abundant wildlife. [googled0bf0e4a58e7221d.html]



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Location: 18km Kamwenge road, Fort Portal Uganda